Bead Breaker

Wally Gator

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I see a lot of dealers selling the RLV model, but I also came across the Streeter which looks sturdier for twice the price of the RLV. What model do you recommend?
I've had a trackside bead breaker and will never own another. I have a home made one now with a bottle jack and a ring that breaks the whole side down at once. It's like the rebel fab one. Once you get ahold of an older stiff tire, you will never want to use the rlv again.
The Streeter Model was purposely built stronger. The pivot and linkage areas are stronger than other models/brands. We heard too many horror stories of other versions (as you and others mentioned) that'd bend or break in the "linkage" area. The Streeter Bead Breaker also is powder coated in a gloss black finish and long lasting has nickle plated components. Is also easily adjusted (including the bottom plate that retains the rim) between 5" and 6" rims. Feel free to give me a call at the shop for additional information on the bead breaker and/or for contact information for references of shops, teams and folks already using and selling them too. --- Jeff @ Streeter Super Stands (262) 457-5018
I'll vouch for the Streeter bead breaker, the newest design is absolutely the best I've ever used.

Greg Wright
Rapid Racing Inc.
The Rebel Fab. bead breaker is the best I've ever used, and for $125.00, the price ain't bad either.
I use the RLV..No issues, but I did drill some extra holes as there is some there already but needed more for the different rim sizes and to get more bite, sometimes with a 8.5 rim it would break the bead half way down and needed a little more still so i made more holes so dial it in perfect. Its cheap..but if i was doing tons of tires id invest in something better probably. I also add a extension to the arm so i can get more leverage so its easier to break the bead.
I like the Rebel idea. Wasn't aware of it so thanks for all the suggestions. I think my 3 broken ribs will agree as well... Can't do anything without feeling them.