Best way to hold axle in place

I use the axle spacers on the right side with and axle collar on the inside of the RR bearing. Basicly, the right side is locked. The left floats. If you don't let one side float, the chassis has a tendency to bind up.
ok right side! too early in the morning! smarty! !happy new year!! you were rite about wheller and his karts and drivers! remember barret terry! class act!
I float the right side on my 2007 Velocity and the left is held with an Allen bolt that goes down into a tapped hole in the axle, simple and less parts, works for us, Sat. we sat on pole at Daytona Yamaha race.
I use thin wall 1 1/4 inch tubing that goes over the axle on both outsides of frame. Something that I learned when Stevie was runnin 1/4 midgets. I have never had a wheel or axle move since I started using them. Steve Sr.
Good ideal Steve.... That is a way you know they arent moving... Happy new year guys... From our family to yours... Drink so of theat fire water you carry for me would ya.....................
jack. a big shout for you and nicosa @ daytona!!! i thought grady was going to be rite again? hell of a job driving, set him up and did the deed!happy new year!!