The BIG O 2019 Will be using 2019 WKA Champ Kart Chassis Rules.

The new Tillotson block will not be allowed to run in stock clone classes.

The Tillotson 1 B carb is not legal in stock clone classes.

UPDATE: There will not be a gear rule. OPEN GEAR RULE

With the exception of Red Plate class if run will be 17 / 69

If there is any questions Please contact
Randall Lyles
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21 max with 53 min on gears??? when did this take affect? and why did this take affect? im having a hard time understanding the reason for a gear rule in adult classes. im sure someone can explain in better detail as to the dangers in running small gears on the back to enable the rule? this 5/16 bolts for the lead rule that came out for anything over 10lbs is totally justifyable. 100%. bc that is dangerous as to someone getting hurt recently from it. is the gear rule bc mabey a smaller gear than a 53 might come off and hurt someone? ive just recently purchased the whole "small gear" set up that I have seen a few karts with and was gonna finally get a chance to run the set up and now I cant. just trying understand the gear rule in adults and the dangers of it in order to make the RULE a justifiable RULE