Black sand vs fts black bite


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Yea, not alike.
Both add bite -- beyond that -- not the same.

FTS Black Bite is a fairly aggressive bite wipe (similar to LS4.)
Black Sand is a bite wipe that works best wiped into the tire and requires 10-14 days cure time to work best.

We get this question often since we have a product called Black Bite 2.0.
Originally, our prep was called Black Bite, but when another company called their product by the same name and since we were already planning on changing up the formula for our Black Bite, we decided to change the name of ours to Black Bite 2.0 -- which is different than either of the above mentioned preps. Our Black Bite 2.0 adds bite without dropping the duro and can be wiped during the week preceding your race or at the track.

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As mentioned they are not in the same ball game. Black Bite is aggressive. More on the lines of Goat P.