blank block


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found a block in a buyout situation that has a liner in it and thats it no walve guides no valve seats not even the holes for them there arent even any oil drains just a stock appearing single bearing block . whats the deal here?
its cast but there are no holes in it other than the bore with a liner ,exhaust and intake hole or flange and the crank bushing hole not drilled for the guides or seats
Highly likely a blockzilla. I thnk the shape is slightly different, as too the head gasket/ top of cylinder the side cover has 3 bolt holes along bottom vs 2 on a raptor and the cylinder fines count is different from the raptor flathead.
Ive heard of them but the only class running regular down here is stock how bad of a stock motor can be created from
a blockzilla or is that a waste . seriously i wanted to build a stock appearing motor from one of my others that is on the limit
by bore but i cant run the motor legally without a long drive . im not much on having neat stuff sitting on the shelf .
it can not be stock.
"stock appearing" depends on rules if its from the top seat of the last row of the farthest grand stand you'll be good.
not it smoother cast looks like a briggs excrpt
none of the bolt holrs are tapped the exhaust and intake hole is there
the exhaust has no threads nor seat pocket guide hole isnt drille either
intake is the same way liner looks real thick likde1/4" bushing hols is there
looks small thoigh ill try for pocs tomorrow.
Someone trying to be creative within stock class rules using their own sand casting?

Maybe you should turn this over to the Chinese and let them clone it. Flathead clone could revolutionize karting! ;)

Brian Carlson