block venting hoses to catch can?


im getting a new oil catch can and gas tank for a really good deal, and the catch can only has 2 fittings, one in the middle, its shaped as a cylinder, and one on the left/bottom side ,and was wondering if it would be alright to have the vent covers 2 fittings go into the top one and the blocks 2 fittings on the left/bottom one
No, the catch can needs to be vented for it to work properly. Sure you can run all the lines from your engine to the can and not vent it, but that kind of defeats the purpose of the catch can in my opinion. The can your talking about is the one i use, you would normally run your hose from the side of the valve cover to the top of the catch can, and use the fitting on the side of the catch can as a vent and install either a PCV valve on it or a small air filter. I have a small air filter on mine, as do many others i have seen.
okay thanks for the help, i think im going to order a g man with 2 fittings on the top and valve on the bottom.
any catchcan you get needs to be vented to work right, there are some custom aluminum ones out there with several fittings for what you are trying to do. i have one i can sell you that is billet aluminum with 3 or 4 fittings on it
Some people like for their setup to look a little more professional and clean looking than a plastic bottle hanging off the back of their kart lol. I know i do
if you put it on the zbar the seat hides it and use a clear one and nobody can see it. I like to use the bottle so I can see right away if I'm having blow by issues. don't have to open the drain to see