Build Your Own Clone Motor


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I have the basic essential hand tools for doing small engines. Is it worth it to build your own engines? Im up in Canada where engine builders are few and far between


I build my own, but after doing a couple of the short/long blocks from BSP they are hard to beat! Very good quality and almost impossible to do it yourself for that price. Just a caution, they are human so double check critical items. The last shortblock I assembled had the cam timing way off...


I’m will second that as well... did a few of their builder kits that came as assembled shorts... upon taking them apart to set clearances to my liking I was glad I did... that being said I’ve seen big name motors the same way..just use your best judgement and check and double check things.... we’ve all had a hangover Saturday where we let a few minuscule things slide😂
Being able to do, and knowing what to do, are 2 different things. Trial and error, over time, will help with knowing what to do. Buying a short block might be a shortcut to acquiring some of that knowledge. Find out what the experts are doing. Go from there. Hand tools? Does this include measuring tools? Micrometers, bore gauges, along with hone, CCing equipment, ignition timing tools, pop off gauge, compression gauge, some way to measure the cam timing? Gauge pens for checking the carburetor holes are always handy. Reamers come in very handy for adjusting jet bores and the holes in the carburetor. At about $20 apiece, a complete collection of "needed" reamers can get expensive.