Building a new controlled stock flat head engine old WKA Rules


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the only rules updated are what ever stock rules were up dated since the last printed controlled rules and max bore over bore .050 over with burris pistons. the rest is still old wka controlled rules. except tillotson 357 carb allowed any intake.

With these rules what combination of parts would you run, dual bearing block? Crank, cam, pipe ect.

Dale, run a good ported block ( within the rules ) doesn't matter single or dual bearing, stock crank, If you go with a slapper style cam your gonna want the longest stock spring ( stiffest ) you can get so you can control valve float at your highest rpm, if you use a SS cam you can turn more rpm without floating the valves but may not make as much power at the rpm's where a slapper can go and give you more lift. As far as the carb is concerned , definitely run the 357 alky carb and don't use the purple manifold that was designed to go with it for the stock class, it's very small on the port end to act as a restrictor. Put the 357 on a manifold made for a limited, it will flow much better and that means more HP. The 357's small venturi has a very strong fuel signal so you need to run much more pop-off than you would with a bigger carb. when you get ready to set one up, PM me if you need some help with it. Jon
That's a special cam , not sure who's grinding one, check with Dyno or Precision, last I heard they were turning them around 8000. Jon
Back in the day.. the controlled stock cam that won the majority of State, National and Money races was made by Dan Sox. It was there limited cam at the time cut down to .265 lift (had .5 hp more than CS-3 at 8000). Used the double WMS springs with the inner spring removed. The first controlled I ever built never made it to the dyno because of time frame of getting our crowd to Margarettsville for the Dirt Nationals. I finished it and was the last thing loaded in the trailer, first time it was fired up was for qualifying in controlled heavy that Saturday. We qualified 3rd behind Bradley Gerralls(Southern Express) and Gene Nasworthy(Moon FActory Rider) and led every Lap of the race. The good ole days!
Anybody have any info or have one to sell a Sox controlled cam for a flathead. Charlie don't have any already called.