Building a outlaw animal... FH crank??


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I am building a outlaw/RWYB animal. I want to know what would I have to do to put a flat head crank in it. I want to stroke the engine on a budget. What rod, and will a animal flywheel work or who'll that have to be changed? And timing? Thanks guys.
They have got drop in kits for the .175 stroker kit for under $400 bucks that way might be easier but then again I think the crank will fit right in if not then all you will need is the bearings the make different sizes on the inside for the different cranks, I'm thinking about either a flat head crank or the .175 stroker crank in a clone it has the least amount of stroke of all three motors stock so I will be the longest stroke in the end
What about just building an open? the short stroke of the animal at really high rpm,s is going to be the block killer. Animals are already high torging little motors in general. A good open is going to be more dependable "on a budget". Speed cost money, budgets and strokers(outlaws) don't go together in the same sentence.