Burco Wet Axle Clutch


Looking for good used Burco wet axle clutch 1 1/4".

Contact me with pic's and price .



Jerry Cole
Hi Jerry,

I didn't realize Burco made a "wet" axle clutch. I remember in the late 80's and early 90's, the Burco axle clutches(I knew about) were all "dry" axle clutches with Horstman having the wet ones. If someone sends you a picture, please forward, I am curious.

Holiday Wishes,

The wet conversion was originally made by the original owner of Two Cycle Tecnology, Jim Wagner.......as I recall.

I have not seen one in years, but I would love to have one to play with. I have a decent collection of Burco Axle clutches, but they are all dry versions. Some are original fibre versions, but most are the later model ceramic.

Bill Kassy

New member
Van Gilder @ Elite Karts worked on the ones I ran with my enduro. The wet one worked great and was very consistent in my experience. Relatively little maintenance required.

Now that you mention that, I remember Van buying all of Jim's tooling and inventory.

Moose (and a lot of Van's drivers) always ran Burcos.......comes from his lifelong relationship with the Burris family. In his later years, Kurt always drove a Karts, Inc. prepared Elite when he hit the East Coast events.


Bill Kassy

New member
I know he still works on some for a few of his drivers in road race. That was by far the best clutch I ever raced with on a laydown. It was consistent into the 10s of rpms throughout a 45 minute race.