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Blue bandit

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Hi all
looking for a good camshaft to my gx270, but we´re restricted to run stock/un-touched carb only jetting allowed, need good midrange power and still can push strong up 7500rpm+++

have been looking at 3 ideffent from dynocams


they are found under gx200/6,5


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For a Gx270 application with stock carb, we recommend the 280 cam.
What is the difference for these 280 CAMs you recommend? Is it just same Lift with a different Duration?

The Torque Cam, massive amounts of low end power for Marine, Mini-Bikes, and Small Tracks.

Approx .280 lift and 220 duration (at .050). This is a nice cam that works well on both stock and modified motors. This cam produces lots of low end torque. One of the best all around cams we offer. Works with stock, bored , or Aftermarket carbs.

0411 TQ Grind
- Serious Torque for Small Tracks 6000 max RPM. 9.0 to 1 compression or more, HD Springs Required.

0811 RPM Grind - The best all around cam for big blocks. 6500+ RPM. 10.5 to 1 compression or more, HD Springs Required.

0211 Marine Grind - THE ULTIMATE TORQUE CAM. Special grind for Marine and Winch Boarding applications. Extreme torque. Designed for 2000 to 5500 RPM, 11 to 1 or Lower compression ratio required, HD Springs required.