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alvin l nunley

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How does higher air pressure push a long strand of spaghetti into my mouth?
As incredible as it may sound, the exact same thing is occurring, atmospheric pressure is pushing the spaghetti into your mouth trying to fill the vacuum.


Years ago just before his health went bad I spent a fair amount of time picking Smokey Yunicks mind when he was in the mood. i was racing a Super Late Model at the time that his son built and raced. We “He” talked in depth about pressure differential and air flow with how it relates to race cars. Al is spot on with what Smokey taugut me. We ”He” talked in depth about air boxes and finding the sweet spot for the opening. He also talked about what happens around the back of the car with what the spoiler does compared to a wing. I would stop in at his shop that was only about six miles from my house. I could tell right off if he was in a visiting mood. It was about 60/40 with 60 being he wanted company. On the 40 days I just said I would see him later and leave. He was quite a character and gave me a signed copy of his self penned autobiography. His book was just like him, a lot of bullshit thrown in to keep people interested. I wrote this just to say Al Nunley understands pressure differential according to what I learned in college (Mechanical Engineering) and from Smokey Yunick. I can’t believe I’m saying this but what’s right is right.