Carolina Unlimited Allstars 2014


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I'll be posting the CUAS schedule for the coming year on Sat 25th. Will be getting everything together at the Kart show this weekend. I do know that the first race will be at HWY 120 Speedway on March 22nd. Also I'm working on getting things set up for the UAS portion of the 7th Annual Big "O" Memorial Race for 2014 which will hopefully once again pay $5000.00 for the UAS class. Hope to see some of you at the kart show this weekend in Hickory NC.
Thanks. Hope I can come down for some of your races and you have any with VUAS. If not maybe we can meet again at Mooresville or VIR for some asphalt and remember I keep my offer for a ride in any of the WKA Road Races If you want to try.
Will do on the asphalt stuff, Right now I'm doing some flattrack motorcycle racing but will be going back to the motorplex if it ever warms up?.
Charlie -- seeya' at the races.... if I can find a cheap XR100, I'll do the flattrack stuff at Woodleaf too....
By the way, Charlie, my friend Troy wanted to check something with you about his wankel. Missed you that day at VIR. We have my UAS engine in pieces on his work table. Had a problem last race with fresh top end and seems to come from lower rod bearing. I told him not to fix it and use his wankel instead, lol. Get yourself an old rotary instead of the Yamaha. Much funnier. And think about Road Racing.
Ok this year is going to be short and sweet. I've posted the schedule in the UAS thread at the top of the page but here it is also. First will be on Mar 22nd at HWY 120 Speedway in Mooresboro NC, Next will be on April 5th at Possum Kingdom Superspeedway in Belton SC both races will be 1/4 point races. And finally on Aug 9th at Iron City Motorsports Complex I will be helping once again with the 7th Annual Otis Merritt Memorial Race or the Big "O" race as most people know it as. This race is a $$$$$ and bragging rights only race, No mudding the waters with points or anything, It will NOT count for any points in the CUAS or any other series. I might throw in another race if I have time later in the season but this year I'm doing some traveling and other forms of racing and maybe next year we'll get back to a full schedule.