Castor oil in 4 cycle bottom end?

Ted Hamilton

Helmet Painter / Racer
I heard the the FHS 62R is originally a 2 cycle oil by design, and a while back after reading the heat-seeking properties of castor oil, I've been wondering if anyone has used a high-quality castor oil in a 4 cycle bottom end (open, or stock)?

What was your experience? Any advantages? Any drawbacks?

I know it leaves deposits, but we drain and clean our engines so often I'd think it'd be okay.... Thoughts?

Ted, 62R is known to be a good oil for an open or mod 4 cycle, we used it a lot over the years. The viscosity is right for an open and a little alky getting into the bottom doesn't bother it. Jon
Years ago we used straight castor in our Deco and Conti quarter midget engines and added Blendzall Green Label Castor to our FHS Blue Max oil we used in LTD's and Opens.

With the various ready made oils available today, not sure I would use straight castor.

Just a random thought :)
A teaspoon a day makes for a clean basement.
IDK yet I did just built 2 cr125s and used Motol Caster as my assembly lube.