Ceraland Grand Prix up to $1500 to win in LO206 Sept 14th


Can Good 33 for LO206
Ceraland Grand Prix September 14th on the streets of the park 1/2 mile course with elevation changes
Columbus, In
The purpose of this event is raise awareness of hunger in the US. All food will be donated to the local food bank in Columbus, In. Starting positions will be based off the weight of donated items by each driver. Payout amount based on total class donation. All items will be donated to the Columbus Love Chapel Food Bank (www. columbuslovechapel.com)

•Driver or Kart Team Must enter any class but Kid Kart
•Entry fee is $20 per kart. All other regular SIRA entry fees apply for the points classes
•Entry must be completed on line or during registration on Friday or Saturday
•Engine tech, kart rules and weight (375 lbs) will follow SIRA Rules for LO206 A (sirakarting.org)
•Tech will be performed post race on Saturday for the all money paying positions plus 2 positions. If you leave the scale area you are disqualified. No Acceptations! If running on Sunday be prepared to reinstall head or assemble carb.
•Fighting will result in immediate removal from the entire weekend’s event. No Tolerance
•Donations for the weigh in will be taken up to the start of the first heat (Limited to one case of Bottled Water)
• Driving etiquette rules will be enforced. Rough driving will result in disqualification
•See facebook SIRA Karting for times of events

Race Procedure
•Can good race will follow Saturday’s events
•Maximum of 40 entries no minimum entries
•Minimum of 24 can donation (approx. 20lb) required to start the event. (Limited to one case of Bottled Water)
•Starting position will be based on the weight of donated food. Time and/or spacing delays may be included in the position advantage. This will be based off kart count and donation split. The more you donate over your opponent the bigger advantage you will have!
•Soup donations will count as double the weight
•Money donations will count as $1 = 1 lb of food. Checks to be made out the Love Chapel. These will collected at the scales.
•33 laps local cautions
•If race is stopped for a red it will restart and ran to completion. Green white checkered finish

Payout Options
•Pay Out Schedule will be based on total class collection
•Greater than 3001lbs total for Class Purse A
•3000lbs or Less for the Class Purse B

See attachment for Payout
Regular SIRA classes will receive the unique Piston Trophies for the top three. All Kid Kart Competitors will receive a trophy.
2019 Payout.jpg

Ceraland Street Course w trophy.jpg