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When going with more hp do you want a small tube with flex or a big tube that is more ridged? Or something different? Thanks to all
I'd say big tube, because when I first began to run All-Stars Unlimited 2-strokes, I had a small tube, was lap traffic until got a bigger tube kart.
A big tube chassis is stiffer. That means it has more potential to transfer leverage into the track. When you have more hp, you need to be able to leverage that force into the track. You need a smaller type chassis when the track is a bit more rough and you need the chassis to be compliant.

You can have stiffer in two different ways. You have flex in an xy axis. You can do that with wall thickness or diameter. This is pretty linear. An 1/8" of increased diameter is about like the same diameter tube that is up one step in thickness......usually about 0.015". When you compare the same tubes in torsion, a bigger diameter tube shows MUCH more resistance than the same diameter tubes that are .015" different in thickness.

The answer DEPENDS on the track conditions!
I have ran both. I prefer the older 04-06 chassis. Prowlers best year was 05 and I believe it's not the larger tubing. But hey I guess in the end it is what you yourself likes.