Checking Coil


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Can anyone tell me how to check to make sure my coil is up to snuff? I'm guessing just put the multimeter up to the connections and turn the flywheel. Or can I just check the resistance without it on the motor? Is there another way? How fast do I have to turn the flywheel? Thanks for any information.
Because most of the time the coil will break down when it gets hot, checking it cold will not do much for ya. Just purchase a new one and eliminate one step in the process of elimination.
You will not be able to check for spark with a standard multi-meter. Use an ohm meter to check the coil by placing leads on the spark plug wire and the body of the coil, should be more than 2K ohms and less than 5 K ohms. This can be done with the coil installed or off the engine. -- Chuck
Thanks for the info. Guess I'll check the old ones for their resistance just to keep as back up. Buy new ones for my new motors.
Hey Chuck, been a long time!!

Yes Don it has been. I still hang around her almost every day but don't post much. I sold my Kart Shop/Engine building service in 2004 and Retired to the Black Hills of South Dakota. Always good to see the "old timers" on here!!! -- Chuck