clamshells for infiniti chassis

Used is hard to come by, when I put my epic chassis for sale several years ago before I completed it I had people knocking the door down just for the clamshells, offers ranged between $3-450... Chassis isn't any good without them, ended up keeping them and assembling a very good consistent kart... If you want new, call Ward Monday morning, can't go wrong with new, in my opinion if someone is selling used there is something wrong with them because they are very expensive pieces why would you need 2 sets right?
Mitchell is a good choice to contact. Here at the shop, we will have new ones back in stock in about 2-3 weeks. Could be sooner but I feel safer with that est so I don't disappoint anyone. :)

Tammy Ward
Ward Karting Supply
Thanks Tammy, Jamie, and Kyle. I appreciate the response. I'll get in touch with Mitchell and Lovendahl. If I don't find any I will order some new ones. I will be getting in touch with you Tammy, need some spare parts.
No? What does someone looking for used parts have to do with new parts in stock? Do you know the cost of new clamshells, not everyone's wallet is packed full, I'm sure yours isn't either!
Yet you recommend getting new. And the new ones are out of stock. My recommendation would be to buy a for sale sign.
You are correct I did recommend that. New is always better, some people like their karts nice looking some dont care as long as its together and fast... That was also before Tammys post. Mitchell dowdy has parts as do other dealers. I find it comical you cant post with a real name instead making up an account today just for this. That right there is epic
I had an account until the website crashed. It's a shame all that info wasn't backed up. Most things aren't taken care of properly these days anyways. Btw, c'mon down to NC/SC and we'll show you how real racers race.
Im dying to get to VA/NC this year, dont expect to set the world on fire, it will be one heck of an experience though