Clone head


What is the best casting number to run on a BSP AKRA motor?
The ones I have are TG1 and J68 and J91 any other castings I need to look for or try
I thought the TG-1's were good heads, but I was recently told that they were junk. I rememember reading on the old bob's threads that some were having issues with the head surface warping or not being machined from the factory exactly flat?!?. Regardless, I haven't had any issues like that with mine and looking at the ports, they seem pretty smooth and there is less material at the short radius compared to other stock castings...
The problem with the TG-1 is the casting not flow. The foundry left out some critical aluminium between the first and second fins near the spark plug that affects the clamping force and allows warpage. Compare to any other casting and you should see what I'm talking about. I believe Jerry Dover was the first to point this out a while back. Notice the lack of metal in the area of the pencil on the TG-1.
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