Clutch levers

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Just want to know what the difference is between solid levers and roller levers are on a clutch ? I have a 2 disc 6 spring Bully. Is it worth spending the extra money on them? I'm running clone heavy. THANKS FOR ANY HELP
just like anything else a bearing helps it roll smoother which makes them less apt to wearing out the levers and makes them engage smoother
we did testing on the roller leavers and saw a performance loss in the clutch with the roller leavers. with the bully clutch having an air gap of 35ths. how much are the rollers really moving. this just what we saw others may think differantly
My standard bully levers have been doing me just fine through the years don't personally feel a need to change... Just my personal opinion
There were threads on here before the crash where some people tried the rollers when they came out, but went back to their standard levers. A lot of people like to have more return on their investment- that's a big expenditure.