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I have a 2 disc 6 spring Bully, I Run in the clone heavy. Is it worth the money to buy the roller levers, or just keep the solid ? Thanks for any help
we did testing on the roller leavers and saw a performance loss in the clutch with the roller leavers. with the bully clutch having an air gap of 35ths. how much are the rollers really moving. this just what we saw others may think differantly
Hard for me to see how roller levers could give you a performance advantage. If they do, I would sure like to hear about it.
Let’s face it, if the clutch is holding the engine at peak torque, on the starts, and maybe coming out of a tight turn, there’s not much else it can do. Maybe just a little quicker revving up to the stall RPM, but that difference has got to be real small, and I doubt you would feel it, or see it on the stopwatch.
On the other side of that, I see no drawback except maybe your pocket book is going to be a little lighter.
Comments compliments criticisms and questions always welcome.
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I've never seen one but I assume there's a pin holding the roller. If so, for a roller to work it has to roll around the pin. If it can't roll around the pin, then it has to be trying to dig into the plate, instead of sliding and pushing on the plate. Again not seeing one the roller would have to be pretty big to make less friction between it's pin, then what a regular lever does against the plate.

Where can I/we see a picture of the roller levers?

I also think there would be additional friction because the roller is also being pushed a little sideways. When a lever gets pushed a little sideways, it leans sideways with a small surface area rubbing. The side of a roller in it's holder would have more surface area. It makes for in effect a smaller surface applying pressure to the plate and a larger surface area on it's side to create friction. I don't see how a roller could be better. I can only see it not working as well as a lever. And so far those who have tested say it doesn't work as well either.

Even Ryan thinks so. What brand of clutch dyno do you have Ryan?

Have you noticed any additional wear on the roller clutches you've seen to base your no on? I would think you may have to do additional surfacing because of the wear. But not doing clutches I'm just guessing as usual in my replies. I'll bet your clutch dyno gives you positive answers.
Paul i havent seen any gains on the dyno...smc has a very hi end dyno and he said he sees gains..its a ball type lever..its basically a in a BB gun..the lever sits on it..still has the pin..they move smoother..but when you install you need a new pressure plate as the old one will have a groove from the standard levers..after 10 races with roller levers i see a small dimple from where it wore..these bully ball type levers are the way to go if you do it..the smc roller levers are a actual wheel it rolls on..and they flat spot very quick then you get hanging i stay away..if someone gave me bully ball levers for free..sure id use them..they dont hurt..takes the slop out..but i just dont see anything performance wise for me to tell a customer to install them and a new pressure plate. The roller levers do stay alot cleaner and dont rust like the standard black steel levers..less work cleaning..