Congrats Lucas McDonald

Congrats on the win down at KOC yesterday!! Very nice people and glad to see y'all pull the win off!! Safe travels back home for the holidays.
Good job Lucas

Awsome job on the win Lucas and congrats to Mr. McDonald the crew chief, you guys have a great Christmas. We will see you next race season, which is always a pleasure!
Also Mr. McDonald please get ahold of me as I have a gift certificate for you from Transfer Tornado Cuts for placing in the MACKS series.
Thanks to everyone for the recognition. It makes me proud to hear the compliments for the on and off track actions.
Lucas has done well because of the good competition he faced in the last year both at Fairmont the MACKS races and the other tracks we visited.
I also want to thank Dan, Jordan, and the whole WHR crew for the help.
Thanks again from one proud father!!