CR500 4th gear only.


I have an 86 cr500 and want to remove all but the 4th gear. if anyone can tell me how to do It I would appreciate it.. thanks..

Ted Hamilton

Design Drafter / Racer
You'll have to put spacers in the gear stack to take up space for the missing gears. Why 4th? Typically people use the strongest gear, and then gear the final ratio accordingly...


Dawg 89
When i was hill climbing we ran 4th gear it was one to one .
Otherwise you would slpit the case open (British Stuff) .
As Ted said you need to split the cases . Spacers would keep you from false neutrals . The weight savings might not be worth the work .
You might be able to remove the attending gears and modify the shift mechanisim for only neutral and 4th or make a gate for the shifting . To avoid the false neutral .


The motor is already in a 1000 I will be racing cycleland and most people I talked to run 4th only... thanks for all the info.. I will look into spacers