Crank interchange

Does anyone know if a 5HP 1" crankshaft will interchange into any 5 HP block?
I'm not aware of any 5hp models with a 1'' PTO but if they did the OD cast into the block / sidecover for the bearing would be larger so it should not work. The 8hp is when i think 1'' shaft is first used.


Dawg 89
Seems that there were a slight difference between the busching crank and the large bearing crank . At the bearing location . Of course the small bearing crank was much smaller .
I don't rember seeing a 1 inch pto either .
Otherwise if you swap bearings or pto covers , yes about any will interchange in the flathead family .


Dawg 89
Pto bearing id .
Raptor 1 inch id.
Small crank .785 id .
Animal 1.062 id.
No bushing crank, in hand .
It will fit in the block, as it has a 7/8" MAG side, as do all 130-000 series cranks.

As I recall, it had its own specific plain bushing crankcase cover.

Was pretty common to find these on blowers and mixers back in the 70's and 80's before Briggs Motorsports came into existence.

It has been 30 plus years since I have worked on one, so memory is getting a little fuzzy:rolleyes: