Custom made/fit seats

Just curious if anyone has ever tried molding their own seat custom fit to their body? I've made foam inserts and have just ordered a storh seat, but curious if anyone has tried making their own in search of perfect comfort and support? Stories? Ideas?
Bill Wood from Wood Karting Dynamics was selling custom molded seat inserts. I think they were $150ish
You can buy the kit online from few suppliers .i seen them $100 range. U have cover the foam with something like fabric duck tape .or some kind upholstery .we use do lot for late model stock cars . Work we'll .
I've done plenty of foam seat inserts in my time. You can buy the two part poly foam from tap plastics and a nice Lycra to cover it and for $100 you can have enough materials for 4-5 seats.

What Im asking though, is has anyone laminated their own custom seat?