Daytona Sponsorship- Road Racing and Dirt



My name is Desmond Lewis. I am currently a senior in ceramic engineering at New York State College of Ceramics (I am from Tennessee). I will be attending Daytona Kart Week where I will be competing in Clone 360 and Lo206 in Road Racing and Pro Gas Animal or Pro Clone on Dirt.
I am currently in need of some assistance with following:

A disc or drum clutch (I am in need of a clutch in addition to a rebuild of my Jammer Clutch)
2 lay down seats (size medium)
Used Dunlop, Vega, or Hoosier road race tires
Used Maxxis tires
Used body
Clone "forged rod" x2
Entry Fee assistance

I am willing to offer the following in exchange for any the above the following:
2 Large Decals
1 Small Decal
2 Professional Pictures from each race at Daytona including Dirt and Road Race
Distribution of any promotional items
*A small decal will be included on all karts (sprint-enduro, enduro, and oval)

Your decals will remain on the karts throughout the entire year. I will be running the entire 2014 Vega Tire Road Race Schedule and a partial Woodbridge Kart Club Schedule in addition to select asphalt and dirt oval races in New York, Tennessee, North Carolina, Alabama, Georgia,and South Carolina.

If desired, I can provide a resume via email. It contains my racing, academic, and extracurricular activities and accomplishments. The file space prevents me from posting it here.

Thanks for your time.

Desmond Lewis