Do manufacturers do a good job promoting their products?


Would you like to see manufacturers of karting products promote their products more directly and not just rely on their web site and the kart shops to do so? If they were at some of the larger karting events to explain functionality, answer specific questions, and detail all of the benfits of their products, would it help you? They will tell you: "that's what the kart shops are for", but no one is going to represent their product as well as they are! The kart shop may sell it, they may try to help you, but in general they can't do it justice compared to the manufacturer.

The racers are asking me: Where are the manufacturers? Why don't they come? Yes, I want more of them to come to the OVKA Swap Meet. In my view (as well as many others), it's a golden opportunity to promote the product they offer and partner with their kart shop vendors at the swap meet who sell their products. The OVKA Swap Meet is in a first rate convention facility with hotel and restaurant along with the 60,000 square foot exhibition hall. We're doing our part to support an industry that is for all of us! We need the manufacturers to help as well!


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Sure would be great to see more of the Mfg's there to help promote their products and support the industry. It takes us all to make it work. I also have racers ask why more Mfg's don't support the shows.


I've been after a manufacturer since thanksgiving for info on their new kart.
They've not produce a kart in the last few years but have started back. I know they have very good equipment, but it's seems impossible to get anything out of them.
I went the kart show in Tennessee a couple of weeks ago. Not one manufacturer was their. I only seen one new kart their. I asked the kart shop about it and all I got was it's a good kart. The kart shop owner couldn't answer a simple question about the brake system. That's sad.
Then people wonder why karting is in the bad shape it's in. These manufacturer's need to stop making a little 5 min video for Facebook, and get back out promoting their chassis and actually answer questions a new person can have, but I guess it's cheaper to use social media than traveling and actually promoting this sport.
I have a suspicion that most kart frame manufacturers have kart stuff as a sidelight to their
main business. If so, that would explain the paucity of advertising.
Maybe this question would be better served asked of the manufacturers who have previously displayed their wares at this great show and no longer exhibit. Why not?
Is it the travel cost? The timing (entering the busiest build time of the year)? Return on Investment? The unpredictable February weather in the midwest? A downturn in company sales? A combination of two or more of these? I'd be curious to know as well.
There are several manufacturers that still exhibit at this show and that's a good thing.

I think that manufacturers' presence (in general) has been lacking from many of the bigger / more popular shows.
Likewise, many of the prominent shows now reside in the "where are they now" file, (ie KMI show, Hickory, etc.)
The OVKA show has traditionally been the best swap meet AND trade show for karting over the long haul.
One that our business has only missed twice since it's inception.
We're looking forward to it once again this year!

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I sure do miss the "Kart Fest" days up in Hickory. All the new stuff on display and all that bench racing. Good times.


One of the local kart shops had a booth there but Mike I think only had track information and used karts none of his new karts. I asked about why Welch wasn't there and someone told me he told them he lost money last year doing it.
We just had our 2nd here in Tn. The karting manufacturers I talk to said they did not have time to come and display. As Bill said they should support the industry as is has them for years. I will probability step on some toes here, If I do Im sorry BUT you should be supporting the sport. JMO



The days of kart fest and the old wka show are long gone. I went to the show in Sevierville not one manufacturer was there. I seen two tracks represented. One was local and the other was out of state. Im glad they showed up.
Then people stop and wonder why this sport is in a decline and tracks are closing. It seems to me that chassis builders, track owners and racers are not even trying to do anything to promote this sport.I mean if I was a track owner and I had a booth at a show, Id do more than hand out fliers. How hard is it to put up a tv and a dvd showing races your banquet and your racers. That would get my attention quicker than a hand out. Chassis guys go there and answer questions tell people why your brand is the one they need. Dont put out a little 5 - 10 min video on facebook. Everyone doesn't do facebook or go to that certain page.
Racers invite people to the track talk to owners about making changes to make it better.
There is alot that everyone can do. Im trying to get a l206 class together for the track I run at. It may not happen this year but Ill keep working at it.
I hope i didnt step on anyones toes but after 20 plus years in this sport Ive seen alot of change both good and bad.I just hope we have this sport in 15 to 20 years.


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The major issue for us not attending more shows is all on me. I am the only one that goes to the shows (Hunter officially retired from shows many years ago lol) and with my job duties here, with customers, with my engine business and still making time to be Husband and Father we just cant make it to more shows. I would love to go back to the show in Ohio. We went a couple years ago and it was a great show, but it is a 10+ hour one way trip and is colder than this south Georgia boy is use to lol. To be honest the internet is one of the biggest killers of shows. In years past the racer would go to the shows to view new products and parts. Now we can make a new part and have it shown to the world in a matter of minutes. Another factor of declining shows is the lack of awards banquets. Years ago we would have the year end points award banquet at the shows. This would bring people in the door to browse the shows before or after the banquet and most would bring the whole family. This gave the manufacturers more reasons to attend and display at the shows. More people that attend, the more exposure they would get. The show that Louis Stout puts on in Tennessee is lining up to get as big as the Ohio show in the coming years. We were honored to be part of it the last two years and look forward to future events. Louis and crew done a great job.


Jody your correct. I too would like to see it grow. Thanks for what you do.
I watched an older video the other night about ratio. Could you do one maybe explaining how you determine what ratio to start on. I know this could be confusing to a new person or even if someone go to a different track. You know you competitors can give bad info.

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So, what show is the SEMA of karting? It should get a walk through video like they do on MAVTV all the time for SEMA... and its' own FB page, and channel...


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So, what show is the SEMA of karting? It should get a walk through video like they do on MAVTV all the time for SEMA... and its' own FB page, and channel...

Kartfest use to be that, since it went away there isn't one for oval karts.
There is a show up north somewhere that is geared towards sprint racing