Dover Harbor Freight Blue Clone Stage 3 Questions


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Hello everyone. I just picked up a kart that has a fresh Dover Harbor Freight Blue Clone Stage 3 in it. Well, it was built in 2009, but has only been ran maybe once. Obviously, these are no longer being built or offered by Dover. I did get the dyno sheets with the motor. I called Dover and asked for any info on them and they said it may or may not have a cam in it. I'm not sure what the options were back then for upgrades or what came standard on a Stage 3. I'm not sure if it has a stock carb or if the Holy Moses carb was an option back then. I did notice the valve cover has a vertical crease in it between the valves. The motor cost $700 and the spec sheet says it has #38 jet in the carb and it should run between 5,200-5,600rpms. Not sure about the valve train. The max hp was 10.71 and torque was 14.38. Dover said it may not be as competitive as the newer clones due to the advancements in the 4 years since its been built, which I totally understand. This is going to be my 8 year old son's first year in Junior 1 moving up from the Kid Kart class last year. I'm just trying to get him some seat time this year with more power. I know regardless, this motor will have plenty more power than our completely stock motor last year we ran. Lol. Thanks for any info!
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In 2009 a stage 3 was like $329 plus header,chain guard ad clutch..
The rpm's you mentioned does indicate its a OEM Stock Cam..

You mentioned seat time.. Yes it will do that.. If going to use a restrictor plate install a .040 jet
Thanks for info Jerry. So, I should upgrade the cam and springs? I'm assuming the carb is stock. Anything else I should do or leave it as is? I mean, 10+hp isn't too bad in its current form. I believe we will be running a .425 and .500 intake restrictor. Thanks again!
" may or may not have a cam in it"

Open it and find out. 6 bolts. The gaskets can still be bought for them. Torque it back down afterward. 17 ft/lbs. Easy as pie.
Also look on the carb sediment bowl, if you see something that looks like GF3, it is a earlier version of the Holy Moses...
Cam & springs won't hurt it foresure.. I can't remembe what flywheel you said you ave..That to me would be the biggest issue..
Its a lueprinted carb already BUT its before we came out with our Holey Moses.. You said you need track time, spend as little as possible till you see how he takesto it.. Then we can gauge more which way we need to go.. JD
Ok. How do I tell the difference between stock cam and the cl1/2? Not sure what flywheel it has. I'll have to check and see. Thanks again.