Drive Belts

Thanks Dr. T and Steve --- I have new ones , was just trying to get some to take to the track since no one seems to have parts

Ops --- maybe after my other Major blunder , I'm trying to suck the big one !! Lol.
I keep 1120s in stock. I will check and see about 1080. Either way I always have plenty I bring with me.
Working on some karts that use belt drive and have some questions. How much do these belts usually run thru Pfeifer(just an estimate), curious if the dealer is marking up alot. How many hours do they usually last for you guys. Thanks
They are around 30 bucks or so and of course the dealer marks them up. lol But the more you buy the better the deal. I get about a season and a half out of one but a lot depends on if you have the motor square to the rear for belt walk on the clutch, and sharp edges on gears and such. Keep a good eye on belt tension because the first time they slip and jump a tooth it won't be long before it pulls the rest of the teeth off.
Do not store in direct sunlight or clean with solvents. Do not store folded or in a tight radius [less than 1"].
Many industrial supply houses stock them. There are inferior no brand names out there - don't use even if they are free! Gates, Goodyear, Uniroyal and Continental are the names to look for.
Always buy from a shop that'd probably have a good turnover of belts. Reason: According to a past Gates employee, the HTD belts have a shelf life of about 2 years before they begin to lose their "structural integrity".
Too many variables. It depends a lot on track conditions (asphalt, dusty, clay), belt tension, big belt drivers vs. small belt drivers, belt length, etc., etc.