Does this engine have a max stroke crank and/or the bsp cam?
This is the one Dover Power sells.

Thanks. Tom

Ducar Clone Engine. Brand new in the box. Untouched

Engine is NOT ready to race. You get exactly what you see in picture.

This engine has no govenors or oil alert system.

Engine color is Yellow & RED
No it says untouched therefore it has the cam from the Chinese factory and whatever rod was in the bin in front of the assembler.
i just bought one mine was from turk. no flywheel or cam. mine was 15 thousandths in the hole , but ive seen a couple others that were in the 20 - 30 thousandths range, ports on the head looked great very comparable to a tg1 head, put a mild cam with a rod an flywheel she screams. i didnt set mine up for akra rules so not sure on cc's of mine out of the box but it was a great platform to be my s/a