Dunlop R5


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Anyone ever used Dunlop R5's in the past? I have a chance to buy a set. How hard are they?Asphalt tire?


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An R5 Dunlop is at least 12 years old(probably older)so I would assume it is "brick-like" hard now. Good tire back in day and hard to get. The R5 and R6 were out the same time with the R5 being the harder one of the two. When they came out almost all slicks were asphalt tires. Would have to wonder how it didn't dry rot after all this time.
18 to 21 years old.....depending on when manufactured

R1 and R2 Series 1987-1989
R3 & R4 Series 1990-1192
R 5 & 6 Series 1993-1195
RM Series 1996-1998
DA Series 1999-2001
DB Series 2002-2004
DC Series 2005-2007
DD Series 2008-2010
DE Series 2011-2013