DuQuoin 04 Nemisis tight on exit


Hi all. I have a "new to me" nemisis champions edition chassis. It's an 04. I ran it last weekend at DuQuoin. The track was pretty good. I was able to feel the various points in the curve and associate what I was doing at the various time.

I ran a total weight of 376 lbs. 56.6% left, 44.6% front and 63% cross. +3/4 lf camber -2 3/4 right front. 14 degree caster block on right front. 3 lbs in the left and 3.5 in the right tires. 33's punching around 45 on my guage. AKRA Clone.

I was entering the turn easy and flowing to the apex with speed. Tansitioning the apex into the exit was good and then I would have to quickly throw in like 35+ degrees of steering input to make the exit. Never slid up the track. Couldn't really say it was "pushing". No four wheel slide or anything. It turned when I put in enough input to turn it and the tires held. But it was a huge speed kill.

Coming down onto the left rear too early? Add front weight? Lower cross? Suggestions?

Appreciate the thoughts,

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I would lower cross. I never had much luck with the higher cross in my Nemi's, and we are still very fast on them compare to our Tritons.
You also changed to a 14 degree spindle with the different caster block correct?

As I stated above, this is a "new to me" kart and I am running it just as it came to me - scaled for me. I haven't changed the spindle. However I did notice right away that the right spindle and the left spindle are not the same on the kart. The right one has three ackerman holes and the left has 4. This was only my second out in this ride and I have a lot to learn about the chassis. First time out, at a different track the kart was fast and handled well. Only noticed this aggressive steering input requirement at the DuQuoin track.

Please feel free to share anything I need to know about this chassis. I am anxious to learn.

What was your rear stagger? I'd also be tempted to run less left.


Thanks for the input. Very much appreciated. Stagger: inch and a quarter front and one inch rear. Do you agree with my analysis that the left rear is landing too early thus causing the extra steering input required to make the exit? I will most certainly be back on the scales before the next outing. Have plenty of time to grow a tire if needed as well. Maybe I should reference my "Start Fast" book.... ;)

Correct me if I'm wrong but I am thinking DuQuoin was a small track. I run 1" rear stagger on 1/5 and 1/4 mile tracks. On something small I'd run a fair bit more.

56+ left is also quite a bit on the Nemesis.

i will be keeping updated on this forum since im bringing my nemesis next time out. not sure how this old guy is gonna run with the big dogs so il be needing plenty of help also
I ran a Nemesis at Duquoin. I was at 54 left, 45 front, 52 cross, +1/4, -2, 1 1/4 front and rear stagger.
A lot of folks run 15-65 gears. I was running a 14-66 and then (mistakenly) went to a 14-64 for the feature. I should have started with a 14-67 or 68 and dropped to a 66 for the feature. Hind sight is always clearer than foresight....

Does the low cross being used by Matt78 (thanks for posting your numbers!) make any sense to you Todd? All I have to go by are the numbers on the PRC page so I am open to any ideas you might have.

Thanks again,
Thanks for the input Matt. What weight class you running and how did you end up?


I ran clone medium. My best finish was a 2nd in my heat and 4th in feature. I was on older tires. Newer tires would have helped a lot. I ran 2 sets all winter and they were a few years old. My buddy tried running high cross and just never was fast there.
Thanks everybody for the excellent input. Got some new numbers in and we'll go from there. Gonna be a fun weekend!