Earotec bodies??????

Do you mean Aerotec Bodies that was based in TN? If so, theyre tough bodies. The nose of them was built like a tank and could take a beating. They almost had to much up front though, but I like a decent amount of nose on mine anyways. Im not sure if theyre still in business though. When I got out of karting a few years back, I think they quit, but they may have reopened. Im sure someone here would know.
They are still there. Just not really producing bodies. They are less then five minutes from my house, but they're racing cars now. The kart body stuff took a back seat. We spoke with them at the track on day at the end of last year. He said he'd still produce bodies, but there wasn't much demand.
I think you are thinking of Johnson Composites west of Binghamton, NY. They make a cool wedge like body that makes your kart look just like those fiat x1/9s from the 70s.