East TN Predator 375 Shootout, August 24th, Dumplin Valley Raceway


Dumplin Valley Raceway in Kodak, TN will be hosting the East TN Predator 375 Shootout on August 24th. All information about this race is below.

$1000,00 to winner (20 kart minimum), payout 2nd-5th depends on number of entries.
If 40 entries, here is payout breakdown:
1st: $1000.00
2nd: $500.00
3rd: $250.00
4th: $125.00
5th: $75.00

$50.00 ENTRY FEE, $5.00 Transponder fee!!!!

*75 lap race, 26 karts starting feature race.
*2 laps qualifying, top 2 locked in but must start a heat race.
*B main and number of heat races depends on kart entries.
*Top 3 will be torn down.

**Completely Out of Box Stock**
*NO Modifications to the motor.
*Can drill hole in gas cap.
*Can unhook oil sensor.
*Appearance must be as it looks out of box. (No engine builders name on outer housing of motor)
*Weight is 375
*5,000 RPM limit.
*87 Octane fuel only.
*ONE set of tires for the night. Must bring to holding with name on wheels when you sign in.
*NO PREP OR CHEMICALS may be applied while at the track!!
*ANY clutch allowed.
*Gear rule 19 driver, 53-57 rear.

***EDIT*** Please note:
*NO DUCAR engines will be allowed!!!!
*ONLY air pressure adjustment and washing of tires.
*Tires will remain in impound the whole night. Kart can be taken back to trailer without tires.

***Gates open at 4:00 PM. Gate fee is $15.00, FREE spectator parking on back stretch!!!