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I run a auxillary water pump from a 04-07 Dodge Durango about 10 dollars at junk yard around 50 eBay

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I think most are using a Bosch unit. I've been tempted to get a standard CIK pump, remove the pulley, and attach a r/c brushless motor with a piece of fuel line to connect them....calculate required voltage and add a r/c cell and potentiometer.


Not inexpensive, but in the Enduro world which is what I know, some are using Davies Craig booster pumps. I know of 125 laydown shifter karts using the EBP15 model. I'm using the EBP23 model for a BRC 150 on a laydown kart (45 minute races). They can be found on eBay.


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We use the expensive small battery (darn thing costs about $80) that NAPA sells, but it holds a charge for a long time (I keep forgetting to charge it before a race). We have used these batterys for over a month without re-charging and they come from NAPA fully charged. I think any of the small motorcycle batterys would also work just fine.


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Bob - AGM batteries? Are you just running a switch in-line, and letting the pump run constant speed, draw on battery whatever it is?
We only have a switch that cuts the pump off when the engine is not running, but when the engine is running the pump is running at a constant speed. Our water temperature never goes above 170 (running a 270cc Yamaha) measured with an inline sensor and running straight water and during the hot Florida summers. This pump will move about twice the amount of water that the Bosch pump moves.

Ted, Yes they are AGM (Gel type) batteries. The battery that we use may seem like an overkill until you realize that we are also running an air pump, for cooling the brake rotor, and an electronic ignition that will cut off below 9V. We just don't want to take a chance on the cheaper batteries.


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Whats wrong with a pump off the rear axle,

When you are setting on the grid waiting to go out on the track, you are not cooling your engine. During yellow flags, the pump is pumping a minimum of coolant, engine temperature rises. During a red flag, your engine is already at running temperature and you have to get lined up at a slow speed, engine temperature again rises.

Actually, there are a few people running them, but we just like the electric ones better.


You can order Camera batteries that are lithium ion from China for $10
680-780mha... will run 3 nights at 2 heats and a feature... without dyeing using the said pump in earlier post...
Buy a speed controller and control pump speed...

Using these for years with no issue...
got a radiator and pump set up for sale that zac lamb used on his rotary motors ! 100.00 + ship! had 2 of them sold one to tony jones for his 250 setup! like new!