Engine oil reccomendations


That’s a question with a million different answers... there are lots of good oils out there, I would suggest you talk with your builder and see what they recommend. Personally for clones, I like the FHS hurricane lite.
Yeah i figured thered be a million and 1 answers to what ppl prefer. Basically just tryin to get the most popular choice, preferably from emgime builders.. But i will def ask the builder and look into that fhs hurricane lite.. Thanks..🤘


I'd recommend the Briggs 4T oil.

Mobil 1 (5-20W) for a cheap alternative.

Just don't switch oils without flushing the crankcase.
By far and away the choice of oil for engine builders will be their own oil, with that being said, a lot of it comes from the same source and is Sox Oil.
I second the FHS oil. This is what my engine builder recommends.
This same subject has been discussed in every race forum that I have ever been on. NHRA, NASCAR, Late model, pony stock, Boats, motorcycles and every other forum that you can image.
Bottom line is this.
Buy a quality oil, Change it often. That is the only thing that I have seen a large percentage of people agree on. I have used many different types of oil in many types of engines and never had an oil related problem.
Biggest difference I see is some oils do not prevent rust and others do! And I don't have a list of them. I just use FHS and that is it, but there are many,many quality oils out there. I run big alcohol engines and change it between practice and the race. So I use almost a quart of oil each race day. Wow, $12 for oil and another 10 for a hamburger , fries and drink, $20 for good Cigar after the race. Priceless.