Ever heard of an asphalt track doing a money race and reversing the track?


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Am I crazy or does this just not sound right. A money race event being held. Race a few laps field inversion, Im good with that, but then again later on doing a stop, then making all the racers run the track backwards. Ive been up on 2 wheels numerous times just warming the tires on an asphalt track when turning right, I couldnt imagine trying to race for money making right turns in an offset left turn set up chassis. How does this happen?
Some promotors have a warped sense of humor. :)
But you can rest assured the winner will have earned it with that schedule.....
First off the asphalt track was not set up for dirt kart using left turn only offset. Just use a straight rail kart instead and have lots of fun. Reverse racing is for skill asphalt racer that are familiar with the track . Been there done that quite a bit. Money races
Sounds like a good challenge and a lot of fun.

I'd use a straight rail chassis for this.

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What if no one knew and was forced to switch. They wouldnt give any details to event. Event started then a mid race red flag, everyone turn your stuff around and now finish last 1/3 of event in reverse
Hey dopey, stupid is all I can say! After a frustrating year where she fought an ill handling kart it all came together sat night. Shelb was riding a rocket on a rail, then they turned them around,errrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!! The only good thing is no one got hurt.
I've heard it being done in Sprint Kart racing in a couple of heats, but not the middle of the race. Personally, I would not attend the race if it was done on an oval.
Thats what I was wondering, especially kids racing with karts set up to go left. I am really suprised no one flipped one over.
I heard there were a few running them way up around Danville, VA. I've made it to a few but its scary! I wouldnt do it unless there was money involved.