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I just wanted to relay this to Bob's following. I am slowly but surely getting my kids into karting. I have a small start-up budget but enough to get going. I read on here where CKI in Welcome, NC is a premier supplier. I only live about 20 minutes from there so I went by to check them out. Let me tell you something, they have it figured out. Mike Dowell sat me down and basically explained everything from pedal blocks to engines to safety equipment. He pulled out all the moving parts and showed me what they were telling me which helped it sink in. He went from the front of the kart to the back, showed me what to look for with set up, tires, tire prep...EVERYTHING. I was in there for about an hour and a half and left with so much knowledge it was overwhelming. It took me until I was home eating to realize that never once did he try and sell me anything. He didn't try and get me in the best most expensive equipment but instead listened to what I needed and then showed me everything. I had an issue with my carburetor and went back and Mike sat down with me and got the problem fixed. Never tried to sell me anything, just tried to fix my problem. Well today I got some used tires and had no idea how to break down the old ones and mount the new ones. Sooooooo, back to CKI I went. Mike stopped what he was doing and took me to the back and showed me how to do everything. He would do one and then help me do one so I could learn. He was back there getting dirty, pulling and pushing and teaching me how to do everything. My five year old was with me and he took the time to teach him that driving the kart is fun but it takes a lot of work to get to that point. I am so amazed at this companies involvement in its customers. I haven't bought a $2500 chassis or a $800 motor...I'm just some new guy trying to learn. I am typing this for the sole reason that I believe in relationships and business partnerships. I will take my business to CKI every time because I know that I am getting great support. I would hope that after you read this, if you need parts, chassis or just a dumb question answered if your a new guy like me...take your business to CKI. By no means is this a slight on any other supplier, dealer or business but I just felt the need to relay this to the kart community. Merry Christmas to all.
CKI has been around a long long time for a good reason. They are great people to deal with and have always been some of the nicest people in karting.
-Dustin Stagen
I agree. Though they are not my major supplier they have great people at CKI and they have a huge experience in karting. John rebuilt my open 2 cycle engine and did a great job and he is always available to answer my questions. Donnie is a great guy too and though I don't kniw the rest so much I gave only heard great things about them. I am glad they helped you like that. That kind of help is priceless. Welcome to jarting abd I hope we can all help you here ir at tge races when you need anything.
Great group of guys at CKI they have always went out of their way to help me above and beyond what they needed to do Merry Christmas men......
Have dealt with CKI for a lot of years, and you will not find a better bunch of guys to help you out. Mike's dad Lewis did the same thing to me 30 years ago when I first got into karts. That running start helps keep people in the sport not discourage them to the point of sellout when they hit a wall.
Dealt with Dan Klutz back when they were still Doss & Sons, pre CKI. Some of the greatest folks anyone would ever hope to meet. If there ever was a standard by which kart shops should follow, right there is one at the top of the list. -Alan-
Some of the best people in the karting business, great customer service and always willing to help. No one has been around as long as CKI!