~~~~~FASTRAX Kartway Feb 23rd! TONY FLOWERS MEMORIAL Limited Modified $2100 to win~~~~~

Feb 23rd Tony Flowers Memorial Limited Modified

Winter Series Sponsors:

Tobacooville USA/ June Brothers Racing
H&H Interior
Hardee Auto Sales
Punisher Clutches
Eddie Mishue Racing Engines
Benjamin Graham Racing
Wayne Richardson Racing
Platinum Racing Chassis
FroDaddy Motorsports
Sweet Water Pressure Washing
Josh Carter Logging
C&S Welding & Machine Shop
Daniel Armstrong Performance

When: Feb 23rd
Gate Opens at 9am
Practice Starts at 11:15 Sharp

Fastrax Kartway
589 Old Wire Rd East
Bennettsville, SC

Gate Fee, Memorial Race Only
$20 Per adult/Racer
$10 7-12
Free 6 & Under

*Parking $40 a Spot on Front Row
2nd Row Free, Unless Reserved for $20
Contact Clint Mills 704-989-1542

(P)=Points Classes

$2100 to Win
Tony Flowers Memorial
Limited Flathead 390 Weight
$80 Entry

2nd Round Qualifying $40
$100 Pole Award


$1000 to WIN 15/KM
$65 Entry

Fastrax Super Heavy 425 20Laps

$1000 to WIN 15/KM
$65 Entry

Fastrax Clone Heavy 390 Weight 20Laps

$500 to Win Classes 12/KM
$45 Entrys
Clone Heavy Warmup Points (P)
Pro Jr.3 Blue
Semi Pro (P)
Pro Jr.2
Pro Jr.1 Green
Clone Super Heavy Points (P)
Clone Medium (P)
Limited Modified (P)
Clone Champ 425

$250 to Win Classes 10K/M
$30 Entrys

Red Plate FREE
Jr.3 Blue
Jr.2 Green
Clone Lite
Amatuer 350 (P)
Jr.2 Purple (P)
Super Heavy 450 215lb Driver
Predator 350
Predator 380 (P)
Predator 400
Predator 425 Driver 200lbs

(P)=Points Classes

Predator Class will #STOCK! OUT OF BOX!
5500 RPM Rule Mandatory gear 20/54
TechMan has option to Check Whatever desires
As the Rules State STOCK OUT OF BOX!
We will not let this class get out of hand!
STOCK!! Any Questions Call Leslie Leggs for Info

Class Min not Met will be based off 100% Payback In Those Classes
Transponder Fee
Driver Insurance
**Most Run Warmup Class for Guranteed Payouts in the Guranteed Classes** Unless there isnt a warmup race for a special event!
If it Doesnt Say Gauranteed, there is a Kart Min Listed

Amauter Rules: If you have won a Class Championship (Except Amauter of the Current Year 2018) at any Track you are not Eligible,Or won More then $500, If i catch you, you will not get your entry fee back and you will removed from the Class.. You Can Run Clone Lite/Medium/Semi, NO WARNINGS, Complete DQ

Semi Pro Rules: **In order to be eligible to run Semi-Pro you must HAVE NOT won more than $2000 in one single event Class" If you won the Semi Pro Points in the Folowing 3 years at Fastrax, You are not Eligible to run it again!
JR MONEY DOESNT COUNT. Track as Official ruling on Semi Drivers
Semi Pro Age 14 & UP

Predator With the Lack of Respect in this Class. TOP 20 Make the A Main B Main will race for Trophy

Weenie Pipes For All Jrs.
You Can Run Amatuer/ Semi Pro only if you started the year in Amatuer,
If you started the Year in Semi Pro you Cannot Move Down.

SUPER HEAVY DRIVER 200lbs! With Helmet /Jacket Only with Racing Shoes/Tennis Shoes
*NO Steel Toed Boots,

3 Karts Make a race, Except Kids
8 or Less Karts will be 12 Laps Except Jrs.