Finally my 1st win!

Nitro nut

Man it's seemed like this day would never come!! I've tried & tried and seems I always came up short. Well all the stars lined up tonight, all the pieces of the puzzle were in the right place and it was finally my night! There are many people to thank that made this happen. First would be my best friend & engine builder Richard Carrigg R&D power. Without his help there's no way I could do this. Next would be Todd Estep, who taught me that **** poor preparation leads to **** poor performance! He has taught me so much about tires & chassis that I never knew. Next is Porky Brown he helped me learn how to drive & find & hit my marks. He also always had words of encouragment when I thought I would never get it. Next would be Dusty Garus who has been kind enough to give me his old tires that are like brand new cause I only have bout $50 a week to run on. That's why my team name is Lunch Money racing cause my lunch money is my budget. Thank you to each & everyone of you!!! This would not have came to be without the help that each one of you have giving me! Also need to put my wife in here cause she has put up with a lot of my time being spent in the garage night after night tring to find out how to make this night finally happen! Hope the next one don't take so long!!:cool:
Always nice to hear the excitement in that first win. Thanks for sharing the experience with your fellow karters, I can't speak for the others but your post certainly brought me back to my son's first win and those are happy memories.
con grads to the hard work u have done the next one gona be even easer .me and shay are proud

Congratulations to u and the hard work i knew u could do it keep ur focus i told u it would come .very proud of u Dee