Florida AllStars 2014 support class

Taft Racing

Ok guys I got a call today from Kent Hollifield about a UAS support class. I'm going to go ahead and announce this support class and include it at every FAS race in 2014. I'll put together a award program for it also, As far as rules go I'll post those up as soon as I have them. This is going to be a class you guys with your KT100 yamaha's will fit right into. There will be a Large "RUSER EAGLE" trophy awarded to the Champion.

It's are hope that all the UAS series will include this support class in their schedules and were looking to attach the support program right into the Grand National.

Don't forget December 28th Yamaha KT 100's and 29th The UAS Unlimited AllStars invade Daytona's WKA World Dirt Championships. 2500.00 Purse over 2000.00 spread out in the top 5 If your in the top 10 you will receive some cash also. Ed Schreifels is working on a special UAS pit location and deal. More info coming.

At Daytona the race will count for the UAS National Championship and carry 1/4 points for the spot you finish in. How ever you do not have to be a UAS member to race this event. You do have to be a member to earn your 1/4 points. I'll have membership forms with me at the track, You can apply for your membership ahead of time I'll call Mark the day of the race to confirm any memberships. You'll need to be a signed pained member before you take the track.

Membership information.


WKA preregistration form.