Foas winter series!! King of the asphalt and championship belt series!!

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Foas winter series "king of the asphalt and championship belt series"

On November 16th, 2013 we will begin our Winter Series in Jacksonville, FL at the 103rd Street racing complex. We will be joing the North Florida Karting Club at their event. We will have both road course and oval classes available along with the FOAS Pro Races for the "King of the Asphalt" Custom Leather Jacket and the NFKC money races that they will offer. Below is a list of classes to be offered by the FOAS. These classes should easily mirror all other classes being offfered by the Florida Dirt Championship Series as well.

Ages 5 - 7
Weight 225
Small Pipe / Shoe Clutch

Junior 1
BSP Green Plate
Ages 7 - 10
Weight 265
Small Pipe / Shoe Clutch

Junior 2
BSP with Purple Plate
Ages 10 - 12
Weight 290
Small Pipe / Shoe Clutch

Junior 3
BSP with Blue Plate
Ages 12 - 15
Weight 320
Small Pipe / Shoe Clutch

Heavy Clone
Ages 15+
Weight 375
Small Pipe / Shoe Clutch

Sportsman Green Champ
Ages 7 - 10
Weight 285
Small Pipe / Shoe Clutch

Sportsman Blue Champ
BSP Blue Plate
Ages 10 - 12
Weight 315
Small Pipe / Shoe Clutch

Junior Champ
BP/Animal MIX
Ages 12 - 15
Weight 355

Senior Champ
BP/Animal MIX
Ages 15+
Weight 425

BSP Senior Champ
Big Pipe/Open Clutch
Ages 15+
Weight 425
Track is open at 7am for trailer parking first come first serve.
Registration will open at 9AM
Practice by class starts at 10AM
Drivers meeting 11:30
Heat races start at approx. 12noon...2 heat races per class.* Starting order
for first heat is by pill draw at registration
second heat race field is inverted.* Start for feature is by finish order
from second heat race.

Track has electronic scoring and we also have a beacon transmitter set up.

Concession will usually be open around 12 noon.

Please no prepping on site, no open flames in the pits.
PRO CLASSES are as follows!!!
Sr Champ mix
BSP Heavy
Jr I green plate
Jr Spts champ blue plate

Must run regular race to enter pro races.

All classes are belt classes!!!
What a great day of racing. We had the Thompson family from Alabama come to race with us. Looks thye had a great time! We had a few families come up from South Florida including the Quinn family, the Harstad family, Tyler Weir and a few others as well. Bruce Edwards got back behind he wheel of a champ kart and reminded every one of his skill set and put on a great show and a hard batlle with Jerrod and Tara on the "ROVAL"! We also had several other newcomers such as Nick Trumbull! He and Blaise out on a great show! We also had the Brown family come show their support! As always its great to see Keith Henderson out there helping Tara even if he was all banged up from a run in with a bull. Guess its true "mess with bull and you get the horns"! So the belt winners are all posted below! Lets ee where they go with these belts! I would love to see pics of the adventures they go on!

Trynt Lloyd
Jerrod Holle
Blaise Leithead
Alex Harstad
Grant Thompson
Tara Henderson
Justin Davis
Brad Farmer
Congrats Grant Thompson!! Proud of you buddy, sorry I wasn't able to come this weekend but I can't Waite to see your belt when you get back to the shop here in Lower Alabama!
This a unique idea of cycling championship belt. Well, there are few custom championship belts makers that you can find over the internet. I hope you have found a best type of belt for you. Will be pleased if you will share pictures of your belt here.