Found!!! Somebody's special hat!!! Help find the owner

Mr South 59

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I found a hat laying on the dirt road in front of the Maxxis tire toted home pitted over by the lake Saturday night. I am sure that this hat has soom personal value to whoever the owner is.

ALL'S I can say is that somebody took a lot of time getting this hat autographed.

I would think that with all of the people here on Bob's that attended the World 100 last weekend that we could find the owner of this special hat.

If the owner of this hat could call me and discribed the hat and the special features on the hat to me I will gladly send the hat to you.

Please help get the word out.

Andrew Dunn
The great family we have on here....there's those people who would have kept it. Thank you for trying to find the owner, I am sure whoever it was will be glad to have it back.
It's not a problem at all. I would hope somebody would do the same thing for me. I am sure this hat has sentimental value to the owner.

So if anybody remembers seeing somebody in their pits wearing a pretty cool hat with hand made autographs all over it, can you ask them if their hat made it home with them. Lets see if we can get this hat back to the rightful owner.

Right back at ya Jack!!!

To bad we blew up the Allstar this weekend. Dustin was really looking forward to running the Taft Racing 250 with you guys.

Did you get to see the run Dustin had going in the World 100? He started the main in 27th and drove up to 9 in the first 23 laps. It was an awsome run up the the lead pack. Then he went to pass Knopf for 8th and Knopf slammed Dustin so hard that it broke the bracket that holds the brake caliper on the chassis.

He also drove from 29 all the way up to a top 10 finish in the Shootout. Not to bad for no sitting in a gokart for a full year and the first day ever sitting in that kart.

Just trying to keep this post up top and see if we can find the owner of this hat. It would be a shame if we can't find the owner. I k ow if this were my hat I would really be upset if I lost it.

Everybody help get the word out. Somebody on here knows who the owner is.

All the people at the World 100 and all the people here on Bobs and we can't find the owner of this cool hat.

I know that if I lost this hat I would very upset.

So let's keep up the search.

Going once...
I know a guy up near decatur who lost a hat a couple years ago. He never got it back as far as I know. Could be a similar situation.