Free Giveways!!


Hope that grabbed your attention. We got a new website and products up and coming within the next few weeks. They are many kart racers who struggle with finding out how to properly set up their kart. Also, many people struggle on how to properly prep their racing tires. Well, soon thats about to change, because becoming a member with us allows you set back and just watch videos. You have access to some of the top racers in the sport.

Also, did I mention receive discounts from many companies throughout the karting industry..
Thats not even all, who doesn't like to receive free stuff.

Whats your opinions? Anything you guys would like to see?



The site is in development right now. Itll be another week or two before launching. Im just trying to get some ideas on what people would like to see other than tutorials in video.

My goal is to change the game for newcomers and make this sport fun for everyone from the get go. I just dont like seeing people selling out.


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So you want people to give you video's, so you can sit back and take credit?
Almost a year now, and nothing but crickets.......this hobby cant be learned by watching a video, and it cant be done in a short period of time