Fuel line

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What ID size do you use(clone) do they make any that stay flexible without breaking down? Just tired of that brittle junk line,
Switch to Tygon, I ran the same fuel line all season. It will be due to be changed this winter but not every other month.
cant beat tygon, but its hard to get around here. i use 1/4" on the whole kart, including from pump to carb, but its a little tricky to get the 1/4" line to fit on the carb inlet nipple snug, i use a 3/16 piece over the carb nipple, then slide a piece of 1/4" over top of the 3/16 piece that goes on the nipple, works perfect for me and allows as much fuel to flow to the carb as the carb will take.
you can also use any 1/4 ID line....even the black rubber kind. I use it for the line from the tank to the filter (clear filter) and from the filter to the pump. i've even got some from the pump to the carb and have cut a 2 inch piece of the hard line that i was replacing and used it like an adapter to connect the line to the carb inlet. all lines, no matter what kind, will break down after time due to the fuel. some will last all season and then some will become brittle after just a few races. tygon is good, but you will find that you need to replace it after a season becasue it too, will break down and get hard (maybe not as hard) after a season. i carry about 2 foot in my "fix it" box (seperate from the tool box. i keep carb jets, an extra coil, zip ties, plugs....all kinds of odds and ends in it). this next season, i'm going to get some bright orange line....i plan on changing it about every four or five race dates....it's not that expensive and looks cool.....
Should only need to make a adaptor using smaller fuel line for carb nipple on older style carbs...most have 1/4 nipple these days.