Fuel pump riser

Just released: Briggs LO206 fuel pump riser from Timberlake Products Group:

This is the best, most effective Briggs LO206 fuel pump riser on the market. 750X less heat transfer than the aluminum units available and at $21.95 the cheapest riser available on the market today. Manufactured by Timberlake Products Group, Inc. The same guys that manufacture the simple but very effective LO206 air filter rain hood:)


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750 times?

Yes, actual better than 750 times so we rounded down:) Aluminum 1310 BTU's (average) compared to Acetal which is 1.6 BTU's (BTU-in/hr-ft²-°F). Unfortunately some of the aluminum risers out there actually concentrate heat into the pump base verses insulating it...
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Glad you asked because I didn't really see the need for it until I did my own research. The Briggs top plate gets really hot during racing and by virtue of the direct contact of it with the bottom of the fuel pump it transfers that engine heat (upwards of 100 degree over ambient temperature) into the fuel pump therefore heating the fuel going into your carb/engine potentially reducing the density of your fuel by upwards of 0.5 pounds per gallon reducing available energy to your engine.

The problem is the "fancy looking aluminum" units available act like a heat sink making things actually worse even though some of them have a degree of opening for air passage. It is enough of an importance that Briggs addresses the issue in the 2019 rule book stating that a riser can be used but only up to 0.75" tall. Ours is 0.625 tall:)

I have witnessed fuel bubbling/boiling in the fuel line on my sons LO206 Kart after a run FWIW...

Not only does our riser offer excellent, large cooling air passages it also offers the least amount of direct contact area but most importantly it acts as a heat shield sorta like the Space Shuttle insulating tiles of old, har!

A great read: https://buildingspeed.org/blog/2015/06/05/cooling-fuel-safety-or-performance-issue/

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