Getting angry with the yz450f "PLEASE HELP"


Ok I got a motor yz450f started building the kart but now breaking the bank found out I'm going to have about1000 in just the head can't find anything else,put a new rod on the crank only to discover it was to bad out ouf true to use (thread end) bent now just ****ed and want to move on .case ,jug,and piston with service manual is for sale if anyone is interested need the money to just move on ,oh also has trans and clutch . Now I need to figure something else here ,can't spend a lot on it won't be running but a few times a year . What about the 240 blaster ,I can get a runnig quad anywhere from200 to 2000 please help me!
Lots of questions for you. What year yzf 450? Why buy a rod for 150.00 when you could have boughten a complete brand new crank ready to install for 350.00 depending on year. Ive seen complete heads for 500.00 again depending on year. What's your racing budget? And how much are you looking to sell your engine for?
A Bare head will cost that much new, without Valves or Cams. Much less one that is going to compete with some of these big engines.
Welcome to the misguided notion that you can build competitive big single for $500

I bought my yz450f 07 year for 400 and put 550 into it. Also I believe im the only UAS yz450f with no tranny. Well actually 2 now lol

If there is a next time chose a 2 stroke 250. Much much cheaper to get yourself going.

Why do you need to rebuild the head? Is it damaged?
What kind of yamaha on swap trying to keep budget around 1000 and I've spoke with Taft and more than likely going with his setup if I sell my junk at least 150 that's about what I've got in it
Oh and I don't even have a head most if the heads I've seen for 06-09 are 1000 I've found them for five and they end up needing 500 worth of repairs I can find older heads that are perfect for cheap but they don't fit everything after 09 won't work either
Well theres your problem. You can't purchase a basket case of incomplete pieces and do what the rest of these guys are talking about. Its best to buy a complete bike. Then you know EVERYTHING is there. I started with a CRF250 with a seized rod. Split the cases and dropped in a $200 bottom end kit. Bolted it back together and dropped it on my chassis. Never finished worse than 3rd all season and won my regional points. Swapped that for a CRF450 and got 2nd in NE divisional points. Finished 3rd in the race first time out on it. Now thats gone and I'm working on a 485+cc Suzuki with electric start. My point is, its cheaper to have everything you need rather than piece things together.
I did A LOT of research and price checking before I went with a bike motor. I kept the tranny and all. You certainly can finish up your motor and have an awesome piece of equipment. The thing is, look for a salvage yard for bikes and quads and see if you can strike up some good deals. Orxyou can really spend some time on eBay and you'll find what you need. I'd think you could still get it together for around 1500 which is still MUCH MUCH cheaper than a lot of the packages out there. Even go to the micro section here on Bob's. DON'T just give up on what you got goin. You'll be extremely happy when its done. It'll take a surgeon to get the smile off your face after your first ride!!!
I don't know what heads you are looking at but I saw several on eBay for much less than a $1000, I used to be real big into the yz450's and I did a lot of shopping on eBay and Craig's list and for years those heads have been going for $600 and less that's cheap they come with two cams, 5 titanium valves, springs, lifters, valve cover ...etc. you can't get a much better deal than that for all that stuff. The 450's aren't nearly as hard on the cams and valve train as the 250's so most of the ones being sold as stock are probably in pretty good shape. You can find complete bikes for $1,500-$3000 all day you just have to take a little time and shop, then you have a whole bike to part out a 450 you paid $100 for and another running 450 how much cheaper do your want. I'm not positive but I'm pretty sure the 04-05's will work on the 06-08's too. Even if you paid $2500 for a bike you would still be close to your $1000 mark on a motor, you just have to have the cash to start playing with.
MBPhenom, type in what you are looking for on Ebay, then find that little box that says sorting by "best match" and click on it and change it from "most expensive to least". The further down through the pages you go, the cheaper your parts will be. I just bought a head for one of my sons KTM's for 35 dollars, shipped. I had seen some for almost 10 time that. Keep lookin, the deals are out there. Steve Sr.