GSKA Race @ Atlanta Motorsports Park - December 14th


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GSKA and TS Racing Atlanta will be holding a joint race at Atlanta Motorsports Park on December 14th. All current AMP and GSKA classes will be offered. This is a great opportunity for everyone to race this unique and challenging facility. Depending on the turnout and feedback from this race we may see more joint events in 2014. I will post more info here once all the specifics are worked out, hopefully online registration will be open soon.

For those of you not familiar with the AMP facility:

And here are links to the two organizations for class listings:
TS Atalnta -

Please keep in mind this event was organized as a 100% fun day for each organization and it's members to get to know the other and hopefully lead to more cooperation in the future. As long as your package fits into one or the other rule set you will be fine, including overlapping classes.