Gx200 vs predator 212? Gonna build a mini bike motor!


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So I dont race go carts but I drag race mini bikes at mil an dragway! I wanna build a 20hp. Predator or honda 200? Honda engine cost more money really isnt a problem but i dont like to waste money is it worth spending the extra money on a honda and what makes the honda better? Thanks!

Dover Power

For what you plan to do I'd buy the #69730 Predator... You are not only saving money but you are gaining Cubic Inches / HP right off the bat...
Add ARC Billet Flywheel
Dyno F275 Cam
Champion Rocker System
Buy the SI Stainless Valve set 27/25cc,, Dual Spring kit if wanting to turn more than 8500 RPM's or 26lb spring kit if under..
Chrome Moly Push Rod Set
ARC #6252 Billet Rod
Predator Flat Top Piston Ass'y
Buy either a Stock Appearing 200 series Carb or 390 Blueprinted Carb and Adaptor Set.

Block deck should be fine,, cut head approx .040,, do some light porting,, but do not enlarge the runners, You will need to ream the valve guides thats in the head from 5mm to 5.5mm due to most all valves are 5.5mm stems..

Have someone tig weld the timing gear to crank (pretty Good Tack weld in 2 spots,, stops the gear from moving..
Drill oil return hole in head to approx .187 - .200 range.. No bigger

This all should get you close to what you want and at a reasonable price..


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Sometimes less is more.
A bike with less top end and more torque might just beat you to the line

Suggest a dyno 236, more compression and methanol if the rules allow. ( or if allowed and you want to avoid some of the meth pitfalls blend 50% gasoline/methanol, with some bean oil for top lube, just the funny smells will drive your competition crazy )