gx390 carb

Blue bandit

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does a 24mm gx390 carb Work good on a highly modifyed gx200 running gas

jets size, and which emulsion tube will be good to know as start point
Thought the 390 was 21mm?
Unless you got a bored out one?
Etube I believe is the same as the 200...or you could try a 200.
Far as jetting....start with 18-20 idle jet and a 36-38 main...
Depending on your build you will have to play around with jetting a bit to find the sweet spot...experimenting is key here with that carb to get it just right....test and tune...
yes I like the 390 carbs on a 200 ive run the set up be for.... down low they have a little bit of a bog but it turns to power real quick!!! and they have plenty of flow for that top end power